Thursday, July 29, 2010

For my BFF!

Yay it's Friday!!
This layout is a present for my best friend of many many years :)
She sent me some pics and asked me to do a layout she could put in a frame on the wall. I chose this one of her and her daughter hand in hand on the beach! Love this one because it's so natural...
Anyway my friend is waiting to see it on my blog! I have sent it but she lives up in the NT so it will take a while to get there and she can't wait!
Here it is my darling friend I hope you like it....
Love you Lish and Zah xx

I have used echo park papers, collections chipboard, prima flowers, muslin and transparencies.

Thanks for Looking
Have a great weekend!
Luv Treez x


  1. Oh la la!!! INCREDIBLE!!!! Love everything about this! Your friend will really appreciate this

  2. Gorgeous!!! Your friend will be rapt I'm sure!!!

  3. Gorgeous Treesa.... this is so bright and fun... Im certain your friend will love it x

  4. oh wow, Treesa! This is beautiful, what a fantastic gift. I'm sure your friend will ADORE it!!!

  5. hi Treesa, you don't happen to drive a black car with "Treesy" private number plates do you?? Sorry for the random question! xx

  6. Hi Treesa my beautiful friend. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love it, it is way more that I could have ever expected.... I have shown everyone it already and can't wait to display it in my home. Thank you so much, words can't even express how beautiful it is.

  7. Hi my beautiful friend, thank you so much for this gift. I absolutely adore it, it is so much more than I could ever expect or imagine. I'm so excited, can't wait till it arrives here. Have been showing everyone and they are all jealous... Words cannot express how much I love it.....