Friday, July 9, 2010

Bo Bunny

There is a change in the air!! Yep I did it.....I scrapped using PURPLE! Well we can thank my daughter Ava who is 3 years and a couple of weeks ago I bought her first purple outfit!! I used to hate purple I don't even know why but when I saw this outfit in pumpkin patch I changed my mind!
Then I saw new Bo Bunny sunkissed and loved that too!

This pic was taken the other day I took the kids to the beach on a beautiful winters day but still only 16 degrees and they got so excited they both ran in the water and fell in and went a little crazy. They were freezing so they asked me to take there shirts off! So that's the story behind the pic!
Some other pics from that day...

Also a couple of cards with bo bunny...

School holidays are going pretty well. Apart from me having a yucky cold! The kids had a sleep over at Nana's on Tuesday and me hubby went out for dinner and a was a very nice treat. We saw the movie Grown Ups it was hilarious!
Yesterday as a family we all went to Toy Story 3 in 3D...Lachlan was glued to the screen, Ava was excited at times and lost interest at times but it was lots of fun and then we went out for lunch. Today sadly the weather stopped us going to the Zoo! Maybe tomorrow?!
Hello to my new followers and thank you to all who leave lovely encouraging comments I really do love to hear from you!
Luv Treez xx


  1. Wow you scrap with purple amazingly well!! its stunning!! love it with the orange!! love teh photos esp the feet one.

  2. Oh you will definitely have to show me your 'page protector' lo!!
    And I'm with you on the purple 'thing' - but I love that LO - and I esp ADORE that photo of the feet hanging off the jetty - stunning!!

  3. WOW that is just gorgeous Treesa! Love the colors

  4. hey treez - very nice!
    u sound so busy being school hols n all...
    would love to go to urs on wednesday - u will need to give me ur addy...
    hey do u have fb??

  5. I love your layout and cards. Purple isn't really my colour either, but you've done a great job using it. And I LOVE that photo of the kids feet and the wet jeans, it's gorgeous!