Saturday, January 10, 2009

WOW how hot is it in Perth today...........I only ventured out of the air con to hang the washing and nearly melted into oblivian only after being out their for 2 mins!!

Last night we went to a bbq at a freinds...they have a lovely pool so we had a dip and yummy barbie food! After a busy weekend and being such a hot day we have just been relaxing watching movies. I made yummy banana smothies...I always freeze the banana's when they over the smoothies come out super thick mmmmmmmmm. This is Ava after her smoothie and choc chip cookie!

The only thing the hot weather has been good for is drying our deck we re oiled on Sat it looks so much better!

Sorry no time for scrapping...I have a page half done I hope to get back to tonight all things going well and getting these kiddies to bed! Anyway I'm going to make some homemade pizza for dinner now mmmm.
Luv Treesa xx


  1. That decking looks beautiful as does that little princess..Hope you had a great new Year and a wonderful year to come

  2. That outdoor area looks awesome!!!
    We have the same outdoor setting hehehehe Good Taste;)
    Hope you are well
    Talk Soon TarynXX

  3. Yummy, love banana smoothies and it looks like the gorgeous Ava enjoyed hers. Love the deck Treesa, looks