Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well i have a busy weekend unfortunately no time for scrapping...but that's ok my mojo has run away atm! Just some pics..we went to Rocky beach for dinner Thursday Ava was staying at her Nan's so we just had Lachy with us...he is such a poser!! (future supermodel!)

My two gorgeous boys!
The sunset during our dinner!
Here are some pics of the kids that I took during the week...

they made the shower into a bath
Ava and Indy

Well thats about it...just one question can someone tell me do boys ever go to the toilet properly?? He was fully toilet trained by 3 now he is nearly 4 and this week he has wet the bed twice...decided he can do his own butt wiping all over my toilet...AND goes to do a wizz in the loo and ops mum I forgot to pull my pants down!!!!!!!! You can imagine me washing this week...YUK!! What is with that??
I'm sure you wanted to know all that!! I like to share with everyone!! On that clean note I'm outta here
talk soon
Mwah Trees xx
PS ...ops one more thing...check out the gorgeous new papers Taz has at scraptastic south west they are worth a look!


  1. Treesa, I have a little something for you in my blog. Check it out.

  2. welcome to *ON THE HOP* Treesa
    we luv your blog and will be back often to see what you have been up to
    xx the blog hoppers xx

  3. Love all these pics Treesa. Just gorgeous. PS. I have a small present for you on my blog!

  4. Hey baby girl.....I have a little something for you on my bloggy. MWA P.S that pic of the kids in the shower is smicko. I could never get my kids with out one of them showing their bits. ARRRGGGHHH! :-)