Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's a boy!

Welcome the newest addition to our family....Zorro :) Isn't he just adorable!
Yep I caved! My hubby has been nagging me for months to get a dog....2 yrs ago our beloved Elle passed away so my hubby said its now time for a new one.
We adopted him from the RSPCA he is a beagle x jack Russell he is 9 weeks and has the sweetest temperament and is only little which is perfect cause we only have a small yard.
We surprised Lachlan when we bought him home the look on his face was absolutely priceless. I think they will be best buddies! Lachlan is so sweet with him. Don't mind the kids morning hair in these pics!!

Today we had a great day as a family we went to the wiggles concert the first time for the kids and then we went into the city and had ice cream sundaes! We were very lucky Dorothy and Anthony came into the crowd right where we were sitting and Ava was pointing to her Dorothy shirt and that is what Anthony is pointing at!

So of coarse no time to scrap at the moment and Monday I get my wisdom tooth out that has been giving me grief so I will be a little worst for wear for a couple of days :(
Thanks for looking
Luv Treez x


  1. Aww zoro is a poser already!!! hehe

  2. oh i am sure Zorro will become a much loved part of your family.. and i remember taking my now 19year old to a wiggles concert before they were really famous and getting some photos!! all the best with the wisdom teeth. you will feel better without them! and did i see your layout in Sm?? well done!

  3. Oh how cute.....I want him. We are thinking of a puppy for my hubby's 40th in Jan as it about 5 years since our dog passed away so long overdue. Love Beagles and Jack Russells so what a perfect combo. Enjoy the fun of a new baby in the house....

  4. aww he is adorable!!! And so great that you adopted him from the RSPCA too. We were at the Wiggles concert on the Sunday! That is a fantastic shot you got of Anthony!! Jeff came over to our side but I didn't get a very good shot of him (I was too slow) LOL....