Sunday, September 12, 2010

tidy and organised??

My scrap space was long overdue for a tidy and reorganise!! Today I FINALLY did it! So I thought I would share you some pics :)
I just got the Kaiser Desk organiser for all my tools, tape and glue. I didn't want to decorate it because i just wanted to use it for practicality so I just spray painted it white. I have my little baby laptop for printing and surfing the net it is all wireless and networked to our other computers and printer.

I purchased some new boxes from ikea and sorted and labeled them today...

My darling mummy bought me this paper rack recently today i reorganised all my papers and card stock. I organised all my papers into companies.

I saw this idea on a blog somewhere! So I bought this cute jar and wrapped my fav ribbons around wooden pegs. Cute idea hey?!

Well i'm going to look at it some more while its tidy cause i know it wont last 5 minutes!!
Thanks for stopping by
Luv Treez x


  1. COOL... Looks gr8, Love the Red,Black & White Storage.

  2. Wow - some great ideas here... love your space! TFS!!! :D

  3. It looks great Treesa. Some great storage ideas. My scrap space needs a major tidy too. :(

  4. wow treesa... what i wouldn't do for some sensible scrap storage! Looks ab fab! :) x

  5. Oh Treesa! This is so so cute. I love your colour theme and I REALLY love the ribbon idea. Is it ok to coy that.??? LOL..Its actually the best idea I have seen to date. I really also like the paper rack. If I had just a bit more space that is one thing I'd like to have. I think I would also categorise by manufacturer. I do kinda still do that, but mine are in those 12x12 plastic bags and in a square red box by my chair. So it isnt that bad. How nice of hubby to make space in the bedroom. So..this post was last the room still neat? LOL..Thanks for taking part in my challenge and it has been interesting knowing how/where you scrap. Take care, Nadia.

  6. LOVE your space. I have one of the desk organisers... I've decorated, but haven't given it a protective coat. You just reminded me about that, thank you! And I'm with Nadia... that ribbon idea is SUPER!