Sunday, May 30, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA !! Sadly I have no scrapping to share. Just a couple of photo's. We have been soooo busy lately! You know how some weekends you do nothing and then others like this one we were out day and night all weekend!! I also had my gorgeous best friend visiting me from Darwin.

I do have some scrapping on the go so I should have some to share soon! Off to work tomorrow I'm so excited about going to work! Oh and the fact that it's at the scrap shop might be a reason hehe :)

Thanks for stopping by...
Have a great week
Luv Treez x


  1. Gorgeous photos! Haha about being happy to go to work! No wonder, I would too if I was working in a scrap shop ;D

  2. lovely photos! Cant wait to see you use them on your scrap page. She's adorable