Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So I have been missing in action for a bit! I hope you all missed me!
Grab a cuppa I have lots to tell!......
Unfortunately I have been very unwell. I had been unwell for a few mths on and off and then the last two weeks I got very sick and then had a acute reaction to some medication. Anyway with lots of doctors and also seeing a Natrapath I am now starting to get a bit better. It will take some time but I have learnt I need to take better care of me and not neglect myself so Im tip top to take care of my beautiful family.
So for some rest we went away on the weekend to my family's farm in the country. It was soooo gorgeous out there and the wildflowers were amazing. My Aunt has a beautiful B&B so its like staying at a luxury hotel with a wood fire and soooo much homegrown home cooked food! Of coarse the boys took their big toys! Here are a few pics to share...

Due to being sick I have been unable to do any new scrapbooking...but I was excited to see this in this months SM magazine!
These two layout are also featured in this months issue
Pg 76
pg 133
I am very keen to start scrapping again soon I hope to have some new layouts to share soon! Thanks for looking
Treez x


  1. Hey Treesa

    Sorry to hear that you have been unwell hun, not good, hope everything turns better for you soon. Looking forward to catching up with you and congrats on the publications hun, so well deserved!!

    Mwah & Hugs Angie xo

    P.S. I have a publication in Vol 11 No 6 too, sweet for us both hey!

  2. Treesa I hope you are on the mend now. It's always a sign to slow down and take care of yourself. Even though our families always comes first you still have to look after the most important person. YOU! Get well hugs and positive thoughts coming your way xxx

  3. Good to have you back and feeling 'on the mend'. I think we are all guilty of neglecting ourselves sometimes, so your words will probably make many of us re think about 'time for ourselves'. Glad you had a lovely break too.
    Sue x

  4. Love the photos Treesa! Very scrapable! Great layout as always too. You never cease to amaze me