Monday, April 20, 2009

Just a quick update! The scrap space...


I can now see my table!! and use my table!! As I mentioned before this is in my bedroom so I have limited space. But this is a huge improvement! I still have to get a set of draws (they were out if stock of what I wanted) I will put in the right hand corner and a rack for my papers. I have lots of boxes of stash to go through and organise in these shelves and put pics in my cute little frames and make it pretty! I think my fav thing is my new lamp it is sooo bright and looks cool and wait for was only 11$ at Ikea! and it can extend and it is directional and did I mention it was only

I received my goodies for the challenges I won last month from RSS. Thanks Shell! I have already put it to good use!
I will be back soon to show some layouts I couldn't get a good pic this arvo! Then I may disappear for a few days! Busy busy! Fri I am doing 2 classes with Maxine and Audrey cant wait sooo exciting they are so talented! Saturday I have a wedding and Sunday we have dinner and pub with Friends!! So between now and then I have to have wax, hair and nails done and find something to wear. Unfortunately I am not the 10kg lighter I was supposed to be so I am not looking forward to finding something to wear! My darling mum is having our little ones and we are going to have a party weekend! We haven't done that for years!! I don't know I will be able to keep up!
Anyway till next time
Mwah Treesa xx


  1. Have a fantastic weekend! Looks like your craft space will be so organised, it's great getting all your stuff put in a bit if order. It's even better when you're getting it all out again to create with it, lol.
    Sue x

  2. Wow Treesa... your new scrap space looks awesome! So neat and organised... must feel good!

    Sounds like you've got a very busy week ahead... enjoy!
    Sheree xx

  3. SO jealous- that looks amazing - !!! LOVE it!!

  4. aww... i hope you have a really good weekend Treesa!!!!!!!!! LOVE your little scrap space.
    and love your blog header, your kids are soooo gorgeous, you must be a very proud mum xxx

  5. wow ... looks fantastic!
    luv chanel